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Thank You, Next App: Bumble

It was after my final Tinder experience that my best friend offered some unsolicited advice, “I think you’re over Tinder, and you’re ready for Bumble.” Apparently Bumble is a place where the men have jobs and actual college degrees. I know, *swoon*, imagine if they used, "their, there, they're" correctly? So I switched lanes and ended up on Bumble. An app known for women’s ability to be in charge, so no need to worry about unsolicited dick picks this round, thought I. ☝️ To say it was better would be the understatement of the year. I immediately had five guys in the hopper that I actually wanted to meet. Well at least three. Okay, one! Stop judging me! So I met up with Robin. Robin was cute, brown hair and eyes, got my jokes, and said funny things like, “Society is crumbling!” There were a couple red flags that I was willing to overlook, like when I beat him in *his* challenge that meant he had to buy the first drink, and then he tried to argue that he shouldn’

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