Once Upon a Time

There lived a young girl with a dream of creating books that kids of all ages would love. She grew up in the wine country, which while beautiful, was unavoidably dull. Nothing strange or exciting ever happened to her. There were blocks upon blocks of suburbs surrounding her house.

In order to entertain herself, the young girl would invite friends to play make-believe. With the help of her friends, this girl's imagination would run wild and the they would find themselves in the most dramatic of stories, filled with witches and pirates, mermaids and magic spells.

When the girl entered school, she was surrounded by those that didn't believe in the arts. She was told that she would never be able to be a writer, because writers never make money. So the girl shifted her focus away from her flights of fancy, and into a more stable direction.

When the girl was old enough, she made her way to the big city. While she did not realize that she was embodying a well-known clich√©, she knew in her heart that she needed to be with all of the people. Surrounded by them. She needed to be where people were moving full speed ahead with their lives, not sitting back with a glass of wine in a hammock. She needed speed, efficiency and excitement. She needed bright lights and buildings that touched the sky.

But while she was there, she began to miss her childhood stories. The stories that were never repeated but slowly grew to become epics. She daydreamed of the majestic oak trees and rolling vineyards of her youth, and began to imagine what sort of world could have been hidden in those places, all along.

Thus began her journey of creating and building her first novel. 
When she was finished, she could not have been more proud, until she realized that the journey had just begun, and the act of writing the novel would be the easiest task in the adventure of publishing.

Soon after she created a Twitter.

Then, after months of deliberation, the girl created a blog...