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The Phoenix

You know how I was talking about a phoenix rising from the ashes back in November? How life had really gotten me down but that everything *had* to improve for the better?
Well, it took a bit longer for that to happen than I'd hoped, and it turns out that I hadn’t completely caught fire yet. I had much more devastation to experience before I could pop out the other side, a little worse for wear, but with a smile on my face and skip in my step. I am Katniss in Hunger Games at the end of the first book, where she finally can look around and feel safe, if a little scarred. I am Bilbo, finally returning home to find his neighbors stealing his things.
To say it was an easy transition would be the equivalent of saying that the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco made the city more earthquake proof.
Well I made it to the other side. I’m more earthquake proof, I suppose. I am safe. I am sound. All is well.
I’ve been stripped of that which I no longer need to make room for things that make me mu…

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