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Fiction Short: Pigville's Annual Food Competition

Hey guys! I reached 4000 twitter followers late last week and to CELEBRATE decided to give away a short story! The winner was chosen randomly and was cast as the main character of the short story. The winner was allowed to choose *three things* to include in the story. Twitter user: @ won! *Please note that his avi is a piglet before continuing. Also you should follow him, he's hilarious.*

This is our main character Craig Doug:

Craig chose three things to include in his story: Enchiladas, swords, and koalas. So without further ado, I present the very silly short story . . .
Pigville's Annual Food Competition By L. B. Scott Once upon a time there lived a piglet named Craig Doug who loved to cook. Craig Doug loved to make every type of food, but his friends considered his cheesy enchiladas to be the best of the best, and would travel for hours to be there for dinner if they heard he was making them. But while Craig Doug loved his enchiladas, he was best able to support hi…

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