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The Pendulum Swings

It's been a long year. The latter half of which I spent injuring myself in increasingly unbelievable ways. From my knee (ACL and meniscus tear), to my arm (fractured elbow), to my head (5 stitches), I haven't gone a month without some awful thing happening, beating me down, and taking away my self confidence and usually carefree sense of humor.

It took me a long time to figure out what to write because of it. Yes, I've been focused on fixing up The Tempest and getting it in front of an agent's eyes, but when it came to writing a post, to talking to you guys, my friends, about what was going on in my life? I was lost. I had nothing my usual charming self could deploy. I was running on empty and felt I had nothing to offer.

Until I realized that a lot of us are feeling empty. A lot of us need comfort and love and friendships. Seeing people with perfect lives right now fills me with resentment, but it shouldn't. I should be happy for them, but their smiles feel hau…

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