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Monday, May 9, 2016

"Tiny and the Tempest" News

Hi all!

First off, I'm extremely excited to announce that I have reached 3000 twitter followers!

*The crowd goes wild*

Second, it's been a while since I've posted a blog post (aka: rant) or recipe, but I rather like the direction it's going now: Short stories that reflect my writing persona. And now because of the fun I've had creating the stories, I've decided to turn "Tiny and the Tempest" into a small series. I expect to have the next short out in a week or two, and no, I haven't decided on the title. A couple ideas are competing.

This idea for a free short series on my blog is both for entertainment purposes, and because I'm rather excited to flesh out the character. I figure, who isn't the *tiniest* bit curious about Sparrow?

Aren't you?

Unfortunately, I wanted to pre-emptively answer this question: Tiny will not be a part of the series. As I mention at the end of TATT, Tiny knows she won't see her friend again. I originally wrote from Tiny's perspective because I felt it was more exciting to first meet Sparrow through the eyes of her best friend. Now I will be branching off to Sparrow's POV.

The series will follow Sparrow as she grows up, the twist and turns of her life as she evolves and becomes the adult we meet later. At this point, I am thinking it may be something like 8-12 short stories, and while this is going on, I won't have many posts or recipes up for you all to enjoy, so you're stuck eating cup a noodle and reading about writing elsewhere.

Now, if you have ideas for the name of Sparrow's series, I am very open to suggestions. ;)

Feel free to comment below!

All my love,