"The Christmas List" - A Kindle Christmas Miracle!

Happy Holidays Friends!

I am *extremely* excited to announce Douglas B. Wimmer and I are releasing an original Christmas story this afternoon on Amazon Kindle!!!
We've been keeping it under wraps for so long I thought I would explode!

Appropriate for kids of all ages, this magical tale will brighten the darkest of days and fill you with holiday spirit!
We will provide a link below soon enough, but here is a little taste!

Here it is!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!
It's Winter, 1957. The snow is piling up, the days are getting shorter, and children all over the world are eagerly anticipating the night when Santa comes to visit. Except for the children at the Happy Heart Orphanage. No, the children there don't expect visits from the Man in Red. The Matrons who run the orphanage make sure each child there knows that they don't deserve such love from Jolly Ol' Saint Nick.
Santa or no, Johnny is determined to make this year's Christmas something special for the rest of the children. While executing his Christmas plan, he is caught by the Matrons and thrown in the scariest part of the house on Christmas Eve. Will Johnny escape? Will the orphans of the Happy Heart Orphanage ever have a true Christmas?
Find out in this heartwarming story of friendship and the Holiday spirit by L.B. Scott and Douglas B. Wimmer.

All my love,


  1. That's awesome. You should have a link to get it somewhere on here though

    1. It's there now! I got so excited I forgot to add it! :)



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