The Magic of Holidays

Baby, it's cold outside.
The trees are up in the lobby at work.
My Christmas tree at home just needs a stand.
My holiday shopping is done.
And above all....
Kidding! I'm more excited that it's raining today.
Perfect. Writing. Weather.

I've been collaborating with a good friend on a Christmas piece for a few weeks now, and we're incredibly excited, but are keeping it... under wraps.

Just groan so we can move on.

Since I'm waiting so we can start the editing process, my mind wandered over to Christmas time. It is the most wonderful time of year, after all. 
 "Happiness is building a snowman swimming for his life."
   You can quote me on this.

Yet, if it weren't for the lights, the singing, the decorations, the SNOW, the presents and the all around happiness of those around us - It would be the most depressing time of year.

The shortest days of the year. The freezing cold. The inability to go outside without 10 extra pieces of clothing all made of wool. Shoveling drive ways. Getting up in the dark. Getting home in the dark.

But something about Santa, the jolly old elf, and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer everyone keeps singing about, brings nostalgia that cannot be underestimated. I miss when Santa was real, the magic in the air knowing that an obese old man that runs on children's faith and lives on cookies was coming to bring wrapped gifts to everyone in the house. Now the only thing that brings me that much joy is the look on a child's face Christmas eve.

And it's not even simply Christmas, (while that is the holiday I personally celebrate,) all nationalities and religions hold something dear to their hearts about the month of December.

There is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, Diwali, Mawlid el-Nabi, the Winter Solstice, and then a brand new year. (I'm sure there are many more holidays I'm missing.) The short days represent a month of renewal. It's the end of the year. The ashes before the rebirth. It seems everyone has some kind of festival of lights in December. If you want to check them out, the National Geographic has some here.

December isn't a birthday for one (.... I guess this depends entirely on your religion), this holiday month is for everyone. Even if a tradition doesn't give and receive presents, then their New Year is one for the record books: Lights, fireworks, candy, and cheer! A time when homes are filled with light and love to make up for the dreary outdoors!

So while normally I'd write about something that infuriates me (Shut up about the red cups already!), or things that need to be changed or avoided (All politics), for now I am happy. I'm thankful for all the changes this year has brought, and look forward to many more changes in the coming year. But most of all, I thank you, dear readers, for keeping up with this blog. Knowing that people keep on reading and posting comments is what truly keeps me inspired. Writing for myself is cathartic; writing for all of you is a joy.

I wish I could think more about writing right now, but all I want is to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol, drink spiked eggnog and eat ginger snaps.

<3 Christmas time is here. <3

All my love,


  1. I have an extra tree stand! Free too, but you gotta come pick it up 😋

    1. Hahahaha driving 6 hours to pick up a tree stand... Hrm... Lol.

      I just got one for $10 though! Huzzah!


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