T'was the Night before Christmas

T'was the Night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,
The cat's ear twitched as though it could hear,
The sound of something moving close by, and near.

A blond girl lay sleeping, deep in a dream,
The cat fell back asleep, thinking of cream.
The children asleep and the fire now out,
Just the lights from the tree, shined all about.

A thud from above woke the blonde girl, eyes wide
As she waited, breath bated, for St. Nick to arrive.
Across a state, a boy in a hat lay asleep,
He refused to take it off, and dreamed of a Jeep.

Just minutes between them they both were awoke,
By the sounding, confounding, noise of a bloke.
He stomped and he crushed the poor shingles loose,
It sounded like up on the roof was a moose!

The sounds stopped abruptly, and Santa appeared,
Shaking off snow from his front and his rear.
He stopped in to ask a favor of them both,
He wanted to ask them to promise an oath.

He said, "My dear children, a favor I ask,
For the children too poor, I give you a task.
Please send them your story for each ear to hear,
So that children all over, know I hold them dear.

Some may have forgotten just how much I care
And some may prefer a scruffy old bear.
I want to remind them what Christmas is about,
With a story that makes Christmas spirit ring out!

Please share far and wide, your tale of good cheer,
And remember the purpose of Christmas, my dears.
It's sharing, and caring, and happiness for all!
Not about money or who got you a doll."

The two friends agreed, though they didn't know yet,
They both had been visited by Santa -- It was set.
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, Nick went.
And the two authors spoke of their newest intent.

A free book for children, a few days to spare,
Then next year they'd make a hardcover to share.
With colors and drawings - They'd do it all right.
Then they watched Santa leave, on his yearly flight.

All my love,

PS: Starting at Midnight tonight, "The Christmas List" will be free for 24 hours.